Littlee mee

Dear world.

Posted in My life, Nature by juustlikethis on August 18, 2010

Good day, dear world! Now I’ve got a blog! I’ve had a few before, but now I’m going to make this work! ^-^

I am a girl who loves photography, music, rain,baking, vintage things and art. I take many photos, and this is then going to be a photoblog! ❤

Right now, I don’t have a single camra that works! *crying very much with head under pillow*. But in a while I will, untill then I’m going to take photos with mobilephones and other people cameras ^^

I also have a deviantartaccount: juustlikethis. Please visit and look at my gallery!

If you want to use a photo it’s okay, but credit and links is a must.

See u later, aligator – in a while, crocodile. (if you wonder why photos has juustlikethis as copyright – it’s just becouse it’s from my deviantart account!)


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