Littlee mee

Busy baking

Posted in My life, Recepies by juustlikethis on August 20, 2010

Been busy all day long baking bread.


Dear world.

Posted in My life, Nature by juustlikethis on August 18, 2010

Good day, dear world! Now I’ve got a blog! I’ve had a few before, but now I’m going to make this work! ^-^

I am a girl who loves photography, music, rain,baking, vintage things and art. I take many photos, and this is then going to be a photoblog! ❤

Right now, I don’t have a single camra that works! *crying very much with head under pillow*. But in a while I will, untill then I’m going to take photos with mobilephones and other people cameras ^^

I also have a deviantartaccount: juustlikethis. Please visit and look at my gallery!

If you want to use a photo it’s okay, but credit and links is a must.

See u later, aligator – in a while, crocodile. (if you wonder why photos has juustlikethis as copyright – it’s just becouse it’s from my deviantart account!)